Best Five Essential Oils For Combination Skin

March 20


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My combination skin has been a struggle for years, and honestly for a long time I was embarrassed. I wasn't as confident as I wanted to be because my nose you know the center of my face always had breakouts. I felt like whenever I would talk to someone it's all they would see. It was so bad that I had started to take photos to the side so you couldn't see it as bad. My nose and chin area definitely kept me humble and unfortunately after the whole mask mandate thing, it got worse. I was glad because it was covered, but then when it was time to take photos or do YouTube videos the truth would come out. 

But for some reason, even with all that embarrassment I still didn't care much for skincare routines they always seemed like a lot of work. Until I discovered the simple ingredient lifestyle. I want to share with you the best essential oils for combination skin and share with you what I am currently doing. In short, I just wash my face with some good natural cleanser which ever is on sale, or something I've whipped together myself using castile soap and essential oils. Less is best when it comes to my skin type, and I'm okay with that. 

The Chin Breakouts Was Real

What Is Combination Skin

Before I discovered I had combination skin, I was just using all sorts of products and they were drying or too oily for my skin type. I personally had never heard of combination skin until I was in my 20s. All I knew is my skin would be oily and prone to breakouts in the T-zone area especially the nose and chin and would be dry and flaky on other areas, especially on the cheeks and near my eyebrows. If you experience this as well, it's a good chance you have combination skin. Honestly, combination skin can be a challenge, because sometimes when you use a product that's too oily it can cause breakouts and if you use a product too drying it can cause dryness which can lead to breakouts.

My Skin Before

My Skin After

To naturally clear combination skin the first thing I did was found real natural skincare products, the ones that avoid using synthetic fragrances as much as possible and or have replaced them with essential oils. The next thing I did and would suggest you do is take a look at the foods you're choosing to eat. Sometimes food can make a real difference on our skin, so avoiding foods with a bunch of added ingredients or fried foods, salty foods, and dairy products can also cause breakouts and skin irritation. Today I want to focus more on the best essential oils for combination skin in case you haven't found a natural skincare line that you like you can make something yourself using these essential oils.

Essential Oils For Combination Skin

There are plenty of essential oils that may help with your skincare routine, from clearing dark spots, to helping the healing process of a pimple or breakout. The 5 best essential oils for combination skin in my opinion are bergamot, frankincense, tea tree, lavender and lemon. If you want to learn more about these oils and other benefits I recommend grabbing a copy of my eBook by clicking here.

  • Bergamot
  • Frankincense
  • Tea Tree 
  • Lavender
  • Lemon

Plant Therapy organic bergamot oil is great for combination skin because it may act as a spot treatment and it also has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Another good one is lavender oil and it can help with acne and can help even skin tone. 

Frankincense is another good essential oil for combination skin, it can help protect skin cells and reduce acne blemishes. Lemon is another good one, it can soak up oil, it may even kill bacteria that could be causing breakouts or that might be inside the pores. 

Tea tree oil is great for a spot treatment when you notice a pimple or something of the sort appearing on your face. When diluted you can use any of these as a spot treatment, added to your DIY facial cleanser, store bought cleanser, or added to some castile soap and water mixture. 

Have You Tried Thayers For Combination Skin

Speaking of store bought facial cleansers, this is one I found and it seems pretty clean to me. Doesn't seem to have any synthetic fragrances or parabens. Thayers have a few really good products that are clean, but be careful because some of them do have "parfums". You can find Thayers on their website, on Amazon, Walmart, Target and most grocery stores that offer skin care products. 

I had been seeing Thayers Daily Cleanser for a while, and I knew it was something I wanted to try, then I finally did. It is a very soft and gentle cleanser. I can't say that it is just life changing or anything, but I will say I tend to grab this when I am trying to quickly wrap up my night. I use this and then I follow it up with the toner and facial mist. Then I will use either essential oils or the store bought repairing oil on the bottom of my chin because that area is my most challenging. 

I know this might seem like a lot but it's not I promise. This takes me a couple minutes. But I stand on toner, because it really does get the access dirt so my face can feel really clean. Not sure what else it's doing lol.

Are Curious To Know About Aztec Clay Mask Skin Benefits

Another popular product that is good for cleansing, smoothing and clearing combination skin is Aztec Clay. It basically sucks all the junk out your pores and have your skin feeling amazingly clean. Some people recommend doing this a couple times a week, but I'm not gonna front I personally do this only a few times a year. The main reason is because it is sooooo messy, and I just ate the clean up process. 

I found mine at Marshall's, but I'm sure you can order this off of Amazon as well. Inside my essential oil eBook is an Aztec clay and essential oil recipe that you can try and I also linked the video here. Hopefully this article can help you get control of your combination skin and can naturally clear it up using essential oils.

What Changed

I think with a combination of using good quality essential oils to tackle breakouts, avoiding fragrance when possible, and using natural facial cleansers and toners has helped my skin entirely. Is it completely clear no, I still have problem areas and the bottom of my face still isn't 100% clear, but I'm getting there. I feel amazing, before I used to be so embarassed to take selfies with my husband or I will sit off to the edge so my breakouts wouldn't be all in the camera and now I can confidently take photos, create my YouTube videos showing my face etc. It has been an amazing journey. If you are dealing with troublesome skin don't be afraid to ask for help, go see a professional, make small changes in your diet, and trust you don't have to spend a ton of money on expensive overpriced products with a thousand and one ingredients, less is best. 

Before Chin Breakouts Were Bad

Now Not So Much

Dear Natural, 

This blog was written with love and I thank you for taking time to read it. Remember your skin isn't what defines you, so don't allow it to stop you from enjoying life. While working on different areas in your life, continue to embrace the current you too. You're not alone, let's start our natural skincare journey together. I hope you reach whatever skincare goals you have. If you are already seeing success leave a comment down below, let us know what's working for you. We can continue this conversation down below. 

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