How To Reduce Toxins In Your Home And Start A Clean Living Lifestyle

January 8


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Toxins are literally everywhere! From the air, in the food and in the cleaning products. Some tests have shown that some newborn umbilical cords have had more than 200 chemicals found in their blood. That's a lot of chemicals we're inhaling and it's kind of sad when you really think about it. 

Where Are Some Of These Toxins Found

These toxic household chemicals can be found in our perfumes, cleaning products, plastic containers, cosmetic products, hair products, and even in our furniture. I read somewhere a few years ago that the average home has about 62 different toxins in it. We are inhaling those chemicals everyday. Rubbing them on our skin, which absorbs into our blood stream, and gets into our organs and disrupts our health. I can only imagine what types of side effects long-term use can be doing to our lungs and organs.

Why Should We Reduce Toxins In Our Home

Reducing toxins is the only way to take back some control of our health and our lives. Chemicals in household products has been linked to hormonal imbalance, cancer, breathing problems, skin damaging and lung problems. I'm sure if you're reading this you probably already knew some of this and that's why you are looking for ways to reduce the toxins in your home. 

Well, I'll share how I did it and share some ideas on how you can start reducing toxins on any budget.

You see, I started my journey after I was grieving the loss of a friend who had passed away from cancer, going through my own hormonal imbalance issues, and processing my brother cancer diagnosis all around the same time. We were all so young, and I needed answers as to why so many young people were dealing with health problems. When I saw cleaning products was being linked to this I instantly took action out of fear. I know it sounds extreme but grieving will do that to you. So I made the decision then that I would start a clean living journey. But where the heck do you even start, when you don't know anything about these chemicals?

How To Start Reducing The Chemicals In Your Home

Control what you can. Chemicals are everywhere, but we can start to limit our exposure to them and I think the best and easiest way to reduce the toxins in your home is to use natural alternatives. Whenever you can opt out of plastics, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and harsh preservatives you should. Avoiding traditional candles, anti-bacterial soaps, plug-ins, room sprays with synthetic fragrances will also help the air quality in your home.  

I personally started with my cleaning products, because I wasn't ready to change my eating initially. So in this article I will share from that perspective.

Although it's probably not 100% accurate, I used an app called Think Dirty and the EWG app to help me start going through the items in my home. Mainly because I didn't know what half of those ingredients meant, and didn't want to waste time searching out each one. I also use this app when I am in a store looking to try a new product that claims it's natural. 

Educate Yourself Room by Room

I know your time is valuable, and I know I encourage you to always do your research, but I also believe in working smarter not harder. So use the resources the professionals have out there for us.

What I mean is, download the apps and follow the websites that these researchers have referenced. These apps are really helpful because they will tell you the ingredients that are clean vs. the ones that are dirty and what makes them not the best for our health. 

This was a huge game changer for me, I took one room at a time and started switching out the items I was no longer comfortable using. I think it would be a good idea to take things slow, to give yourself time to make the adjustments.

First Steps To Start A Clean Living Lifestyle

So let's sum the first part of this article up into steps.

  • Step 1: Download the app Think Dirty or EWG
  • Step 2: Scan items room by room
  • Step 3: Start reducing the toxins in your home by deciding what you want to ditch and switch

For me, I went a little over the top, I honestly was so disturbed by what I was finding out I didn't want to use any of that stuff another day. I recommend you start with the products that are almost empty first. So you're not as wasteful as I was. This is just my opinion, but like I said it's really up to you. 

Next Steps To Reducing Toxins

The steps that I feel would be beneficial to making natural product swaps easier is deciding are you going to make your own products or purchase them. For me, it's been almost 4 years since I started so I do a little of both. I am not as much of a DIYer when I have a lot on my to do list, so I purchase and support several different brands.

However, in the beginning, I started off with a company called Melaleuca. It is a shopping club, that sells wellness products and plant based cleaning products, personal care products, essential oils, and even snacks. They have really good quality products and oils for a reasonable price in my opinion. They also allow customers to promote the membership to earn a commission. 

Although I no longer have my membership, or promote this company I do still believe they have some amazing high quality products that last long, and I still use a few of them including the essential oils. So if you're looking for some concentrated cleaning products, essential oils and more this is my first suggestion for you to checkout. 

That is not the only company out here either, it's a lot of them you can try that don't require memberships. I now use mainly plant therapy essential oils, and a host of natural small and large company products. 

If you decide to make your own products I did an article with 20+ recipes, you might want to check them out. But basic essentials you'll need if you decide this option are:

  • Essential Oils - Versatile Cleaning Abilities
  • Baking Soda- Great for scrubbing & Product Build Up
  • Vinegar - Glass Cleaner & Surface Cleaning Abilities
  • Castile Soap- 18 in 1 Powerful Cleaning Soap 
  • Rubbing Alcohol- Basic Disinfectant
  • An Enzyme Cleaner- Great for stains and odor 

These ingredients make it easy to make just about anything your home needs.

The Mind Is Powerful... Right?

When I started this clean living journey I had so many people telling me it was pointless, not using some things wouldn't change anything because chemicals are everywhere. I also had my own personal lies I believed such as, natural products don't work as well, this would be difficult, or I would feel restricted. That mindset was powerful. So remember why you are starting this journey for those tough times when you want to give up.

But also be lenient with yourself, because you will have moments when you may use a fragrance, or may have to opt for something not as natural as you would've liked. 

The Last Step

Have fun! As I stated earlier, I started my clean living journey a while ago to reduce the toxins in my home and I am still learning, trying out different things, to see what works for me, and I have so much fun doing it. But, when I accidentally grab a product off the shelf that dosen't have all clean ingredients like I probably would've thought, I try to still show myself grace, because this journey isn't perfect, we are constantly learning.

So are you ready to start, I created a little checklist to help you reduce the toxins in your home.

I hope you found this article helpful, remind yourself this journey is whatever you want it to be, you got this. 

Signed With Love, 

Nina Pop Williams

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Nina Pop  Williams

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