How My Jar Full Of Positive Thoughts Help My Business Mindset

August 23


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What Is A Jar Full Of Positive Thoughts

  A jar full of positive thoughts, is positive notes you've written to yourself throughout the year, to help you stay on track when you're not feeling your best emotionally.

  First, I want to start by saying congrats on making the decision to start a natural business. When you first become an entrepreneur, you're usually excited, filled with ideas, and ready to get to work. But in my experience, as time goes on, you will have moments when you are discouraged, scared or ready to give up. So it's important to have something to keep your mind centered in a positive healthy way. 

nina pop williams holding a jar of positive thoughts

  I believe if I focus on positive good things, the more those things will come into my life and the more peace I will have. So to fight negativity, I wanted to have something positive to read. I made the decision to start a positive thoughts jar.

  I started adding to it at the beginning of the year. Every day, I would write on a sticky note about something I learned that day, or a positive thing that happened to me, and I would place the note inside my jar. 

  When you have a jar full of positivity, you have a resource, something to go to whenever you need a confidence boost, or just a reminder that you are absolutely amazing and have came such a long way. Imagine how much your mind can flourish when it's filled with positive thoughts.

Imagine How Much Your Mind Can Flourish When It's Filled With Positive Thoughts

What Do You Need To Start One

To Start a Jar full of positive thoughts, you'll need:

1. A jar

2. Something to write on

3. Something to write with

Getting Started

  Everything new takes practice, it's okay if you forget to fill your jar daily. I know I did. My plan was to do it every night, but I wasn't consistent with it. However you decide to do it, even if it means putting a positive thought in it once a month, it's okay.

  For me, I just added to it whenever I thought of something. I would put little positive notes or things that meant something to me for that day. I want to share with you a few notes I wrote for my jar, hopefully it will give you ideas on things you can write for your own personal jar. 

Stop People Pleasing

Stop People Pleasing

Positive Thoughts Jar

  You are not a yo-yo. It is not possible to satisfy everyone, because you will lose yourself trying to please them. Plus, people are never satisfied. So do what makes you happy!

 One of my sticky notes says, "You are not a yo-yo Nina." I remember at a time I would just be whatever somebody wanted me to be just so I can keep the peace and avoid drama. If they wanted me to be quiet I would just not talk. Then when they would say, I didn't talk enough, I would then start talking more.

  I would dim my light, show less of my personality, and do whatever made other people happy because I didn't like confrontation. I didn't want to offend people, or make them feel uncomfortable, or less than.

  This mindset, made me miserable, So I reminded myself on this paper, that I am not a yo-yo do what makes me comfortable, what makes me happy. That's something I'm still currently working on, being unapologetically me. It's definitely a struggle because I want people emotions and feelings to be valid, but I can't dim my light, or dumb myself down, so they can feel better about themselves. 

  This yo-yo mentality showed up in the beginning stages of my business as well, I was doing what everyone told me was right, or would lead to success and I lost myself in the process. Plus, it never worked for me, in fact it held me back and my content didn't show my unique voice or character. So it didn't look authentic, and it stopped people from being able to connect with me naturally. So now instead of me being a yo-yo I choose to be a unicorn.  I love it a whole lot better! 

I Should Be More Successful By Now

You are exactly where you are supposed to be

Nina Pop Williams

 Give yourself a break. I will no longer be ashamed of where I am in life or in business, I am where I am supposed to be. I know it's not where I thought I should be at this age, but it's better than where I was last year, and it's not my final stop. I will continue working towards my goals so I can be in a better place soon. Everything takes time, and it's not always the time I have come up with in my mind. 

  Ever looked at life and got discouraged, because you really thought you should have been further along by now? I felt this way often when I looked at my personal life and professional life. So I wrote on a note, "I will no longer be ashamed of where I am in life or in business I am where I am."

  I remember the day I wrote this, it was a time when my youtube subscriber count meant so much to me and I was scared that if people saw how many subscribers I had they wouldn't give my content a chance. Even though I know we all had to start from zero, I didn't want someone to say "oh she only got 10 subscribers, i'm not gonna listen to what she has to say."

  I decided to let it go and change my thinking. Instead of seeing my 10 subscribers as a negative thing, I was grateful I had that many. And I continued to put out good content and showed up the same way I would have showed up if it was 10,000 subscribers. Because each individual supporter is still important to me. When a person supports any piece of your content, it's a blessing. 

  When my mindset changed, I started to have a more grateful heart. You know how many people are too scared to even start a Youtube channel? Or how many entrepreneurs are scared to put themselves out there, and get out of their comfort zone? A lot. But I was bold enough to fight my fear, put myself out there and get on camera. I continued to create content for those that needed it.

  I became my biggest cheerleader, even before others started to pay attention, even before my first "big" success story, and this is how my jar of positive thoughts helped my business mindset. Wherever you are in life and wherever it is you're trying to go, just do whatever you can on a daily basis to get there. Do it for you. Because you can't be ashamed of your journey, it's your journey and you're going to learn something, you're going to go through some things and those things are going to help you help somebody else.

  So develop a good "why you started your business" as well. Because down the line, all these positive reminders will help your future self. Just remember, that you will grow and your business will grow, so be happy in the moment, embrace where you are and show up to your audience daily it reminds them that they can trust you.

Consistency Is A...

  Consistency is a struggle. Unfortunately, I still struggle with this, and if you follow my content, I know you're aware I was not very consistent and I apologize. For me personally, I work full time, I fight depression and anxiety, and trying to build a business that aligns with my beliefs, interest, and goals. Plus with the year we just had, I honestly just need online mental breaks, because people are mean and the trolls are real.

 On top of that, I'm an introvert and if you're an introvert you know how draining some stuff can be. But I encourage you, to take time for yourself to recharge, and then show up for your audience. I noticed the more consistent i am the more people share my content and the more people tag me, ask me questions, book my services etc. So I'm getting better with consistency.

Enjoy The Moment

Jar of Positive Thoughts

Take your videos and photos but then look up from your phone, and actually enjoy the moment. Do things you love to do, even if it's once a week.

  Next note says, "enjoy the moment" try to focus more on living in the moment. We are living in a day and age where everyone is glued to their phones, constantly updating statuses, and creating content. Which isn't a bad thing, that's how most of us content creators want to make a living. But sometimes we're too busy capturing the best angles that we forget to actually enjoy the moment.

  You can't get those emotions and time back. Yes, you will have pictures, videos and content and you most likely will remember being there, but you won't have the feeling and the time you spent with the people you love. So please, try not to be so busy behind the camera, that you aren't living in the live experience.   

Self-Care is a priority

  Take time for self care, you deserve it. One example of self care is moisturizing you hair. It doesn't matter if it's under a protective style, still take care of it. 

  I notice the more I take care of myself, the more positive I feel. I think moisturized healthy hair is just so refreshing. 

  But I also notice when my life is hectic, my hair is the first thing I neglect. So this is a must in my positivity jar. 

Don't Second Guess The Power of Prayer

   How often have you prayed and had more energy in the "it's not going to happen" thoughts? I can't tell you how many times I have prayed and doubt followed. It became so discouraging and it stopped me from even wanting to pray about certain things. But pray without ceasing, trust without questioning, believe without second guessing, and ask the lord to help your unbelief. 

  I promise, I'm not trying to be all preachy, but I know my life is surrounded by constant prayer. Praying for myself, praying bible verses like the one above, and other people praying for me as well. Imagine what we must look like, praying to God and then trying to take control because we didn't trust him. Silly right? Just trust and believe that God got you, even in the craziest toughest situations, know that he's not going to harm you. I mean he did say no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I often live in my head of distrust, so it's a daily practice for me. If you're not doing this already I encourage you to try it out. 

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow, You Can Crush Your Goals Today

  Procrastination, sleeping, and eating fast food will keep you broke. Yes, get your sleep and then get your butt to work. Buy your groceries and cook your food, you'll start to enjoy the meals you create. Stack your money and watch how high it rise. As my uncle used to tell me, "see it, want it, know you can get it and don't"  so don't run with that too hard without giving my uncle some credit.

  It's okay to eat, we have to eat, but eat wisely, save your money and invest in your business. Invest in your health, yourself and your loved ones. Don't wait until tomorrow, or until something happens, do it now.

  One thing about new entrepreneurs like myself, we have to transition our mind from that employee mindset to a business mindset. Setting deadlines is something our bosses did for us, so now in our businesses it's up to us to set deadlines, sales goals, content strategies, to do list, and hold ourselves accountable.

Take Back Your Power

Your Character Shouldn't Change Because Of Someone Else's Ignorance

Jar Of Positive Thoughts

Don't let anyone change your character and change who you are. Remember, we can't control how others act but we can control how we respond.

  Giving someone else the power to change your emotions, attitude, and character is not okay. Take back that power. Don't let anyone change who you are. Have you ever had someone treat you wrong but it started changing the way you moved around others? I was like that. It affected my business relationships and my personal relationships as well. 

  I needed to be reminded that I cannot allow somebody else's actions to change who I am. I also shouldn't allow someone else's opinion of me to dictate who I am or what my intentions are. That doesn't mean be a jerk, we still have to work on ourselves, hold ourselves accountable and become better humans.

  But for instance, in business if someone comments under your content and tries to bully you, you have a choice to respond and go back and forth, or find a positive comment and respond to that one. As Michelle Obama says "when they go low we go high." Protect your brand and your peace, seeing success is the best clap back.

Don't Quit Before You Even Start

  Just because you think you're going to fail does not mean you quit. When I started the Youtube channel, and this blog I needed this positive thought. Just this week, my first thought when I decided to start back blogging was, "it's not going to work, I'm not good enough yet." But I fought that, and decided to just do it, in case it might actually be a success.  

  I hope that's a message for you, it's normal to feel afraid of the unknown, but try not be so afraid that it stops you from trying. Try something new in your business, with your content, your products, etc.  


Daily Affirmations Are So Powerful

Jar Of Positive Thoughts

I tell myself daily that my business is a profitable 6 figure business. The more I feed my mind with these positive thoughts, the more I start to pay attention to my big and small successes. 

  In Jan, I wrote a note for my jar, that said "my business is profitable, daily affirmations are powerful". I started to believe it, and prayed on it. I got a promotion, my new business got clients, and I became more and more confident in helping people. After that, I started becoming more gentle with myself and now, I also teach others to be gentle with me too. 

Celebrate Your Failure

   Failing is not a time to welcome pity and doubt. Yes you tried some and failed, congratulations, because that means you tried, you didn't give up and now you have another opportunity to try again. I used to tell myself this when I did a piece of content that flopped. But celebrate your failures because you learned something, and as long as you don't give up you can learn from it and do better the next time. In my opinion, that failure is preparing you for your next win. 

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