Easy Ideas To Neutralize Bathroom Smells

July 30


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Bathroom air freshener after you go

  Are you looking for a bathroom air freshener after you go because the smell just... won’t go? I've definitely been there and done that. So in today's post, I want to help you learn how to neutralize your bathroom smells, house smells and share with you an effective deodorizer and a shockingly easy way to make your own deodorizers.

How can I neutralize my bathroom smells?

  So step one to neutralizing your bathroom smells, Is to make sure that your bathroom is thoroughly cleaned. Especially areas where urine can hide. Such as on the side of the toilet under the seat and on the wall. 

  Step two, you want to use natural essential oils. Something like tea tree oil which is a natural odor fighter. I personally love to mix tea tree oil in any of my restroom spray recipes and household cleaning recipes. 

  Step three to neutralizing your bathroom smells and probably the most important, is to clean as you go. What I mean by that is, daily wiping down your toilet, counter tops, and shower.

What is the most effective bathroom deodorizer?

  One of my favorite effective bathroom deodorizers is going to shock you, and it's super simple to make. All you need is some baking soda, a jar, and essential oils of your choice. I personally tend to lean towards scents like lavender or something floral, like ylang ylang essential oils. This is the simplest natural deodorizer for your bathroom, bedroom, or even living room and it has such an amazing light scent but it soaks up the odor from the air really well. It works best in a small area like a closet, or bathroom. You can also sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for about 20mins and then vacuum it up.

Natural Air Freshener For Rooms

  I've made so many bathroom air fresheners, poop sprays, room sprays, and even linen sprays, it's almost ridiculous LOL. But honestly, they're fun, easy, and versatile. Depending on what I want them to smell like will determine how I adjust the recipe. But the overall base of the recipe is the same. So all you need is a 

  1. Glass spray bottle
  2. A little witch hazel, alcohol, or vinegar
  3. Water 
  4. And essential oils of your choice
  5. With a few drops of tea tree oil (optional)

  I sometimes prefer using witch hazel over vinegar because it smells better and witch hazel is also a natural odor eliminator which I personally love. Nevertheless, you can use white vinegar or alcohol if you so choose or you can just use water and essential oils.

Neutralize the funk

Nina Pop Williams

I went from being single and living alone to married and living with another human. So when I tell you I get your restroom smells and cleanliness of the home can sometimes be a challenge, I really mean I get it. But hopefully these tips will help neutralize the odor in your home.

Natural Fragrance for the Home

  Depending on the size of your rooms you can also add a diffuser in there, my restroom is a little too small for that and the smell is way too overpowering so I have chosen to keep the diffusers in the living room and bedrooms. However, if you have a more open floor plan you 100% can try it. 

  Another way to do this is to just drop a couple of drops of essential oils directly on your counter or in your toilet bowl. My only concern is depending on what type of counter tops you have you can mess them up because the oil is very potent and will eat through certain paint and other kinds of materials. If you are not familiar with the power of essenital oils, when you're done reading this article check out the one I did on all things essential oils, it really explains this in more detail.

Best Odor Eliminator

  So out of all of the examples I have given you in this post, the best bathroom odor eliminator for my home is definitely the baking soda in the jar with a few drops of essential oils. Because once I make it I don’t have to do anything else except add a few extra drops throughout the month.

Another Odor Eliminator Idea 

 For the other rooms, you can use the air freshener spray recipe or get this thing called moisture eliminators and put them around your home. They soak out the odor in the air. I usually find them on Amazon or at the Dollar Tree. They both work the same but the Amazon ones are usually bigger. 

  Another option is to use enzyme cleaners, I featured one I recommend in this article here. And I will be doing a future article on them soon. 

  I hope these natural alternatives will help you come up with ideas to replace your chemical air fresheners and odor eliminators, if you want to know what else you should eliminate get the free checklist below.

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