Hey Naturals, Here's Some Home Remedies For The Natural Body.

  If you know anything about growing up black, you know the older generation had a bunch of home remedies for literally everything. Creating this website reminds me so much of my grandma, my elderly aunts and uncles, and even my parents, I remember them giving me things from around the house or from the earth to help boost my immune system, heal a rash, get rid of a pimple etc.

  The Youtube playlist above, shares a bunch of natural remedies for the body. That includes hair, skin, and internal things.  My favorite, is probably the one where I share my home remedies for coughing and my immune boosting recipe. 

  When I started this journal I was single, working a part time job, barely making it. I couldn't afford to get sick, because all the responsibility was on me, so when I say that recipe has saved my immune system so many times, I mean it. I hope you find value in these videos and articles because they really have saved me a ton of money. 

  Don't get my wrong, I still go to doctors, I still take medicine if required, but one thing I learned from my elders, is I'm going to always try home remedies for everything and if they don't work then I take the next steps.