Hey Naturals, Let's Build Profitable Accessible Natural Businesses!

  In order to build profitable accessible natural businesses you got to have a strong mindset, a natural business idea, a strong brand, a brand story and of course a good strategy to get your business in front of people. I have been in the online space for a while now, and I struggled with creating content that no one seen. Most of that was because I wasn't consistent, but for me it personally went way deeper than that. It wasn't accessible!

  Did you know about 85% of online viewers watch content on silent, or really low? Did you realize that it's an entire deaf community online who is apart of your audience? I know you have been searching for ways to increase your reach with your content and this is it. Tap into that 85% of people who want to consume your content but can't by adding captions to your videos.

  I personally love marketing and want to help my fellow naturals, lay a solid business foundation, create amazing content, and increase reach and accessibility. God has made me very aware of the deaf community, and has given me a desire to learn sign language and help bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities that share in the online space. The way I do that is by sharing my experiences, being a content creator in this space, as well as doing the work.

  I know starting a business, creating content, trying to make and ship products can be time consuming, so I help you turn those videos into accessible content, by adding subtitles. I even go a step further and re-purpose those videos by turning them into blogs. Plus with a strong marketing strategy you might just increase your reach and increase those sales, all while being a part of the solution. On this page I have shared a playlist of all my business talk, and articles I have written to help you in your natural business.

  To book me for any service listed above, simply click the little message circle in the bottom right corner of the screen.