Hey Naturals, Let's Build Profitable Accessible Natural Businesses!

This is the perfect time to get out there and create a unique online presence for your natural business that will help you increase your reach and accessibility. The best way to do it, is with your content and personality. All you need is a strong mindset, a clear plan, brand, story and of course content. It takes guts to be a content creator and I will say it's not always easy. 

You have to consistently show up, build an audience, be aware of their needs, serve them and stay true to yourself all at the same time. Most people aren't doing this, so this is where you come in. Your content can be the one that stands out. I encourage you to create content that is unique and accessible.

Did you know about 85% of online viewers watch content with the volume off? Did you realize that it's an entire deaf community online who is apart of your audience? I know you have been searching for ways to increase your reach with your content and this is it. Tap into that 85% of people who wants to consume your content but can't by adding captions to your videos, and turning your videos into blogs, images, quotes and more.

I personally love marketing and want to create a safe space for new entrepreneurs to create amazing accessible content that will increase reach and help them without compromising their uniqueness.

Why do I keep mentioning accessibility?

God has made me very aware of the deaf community, and has given me a desire to learn sign language and help bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities that share in the online space. The way I do that is by sharing my experiences, being a content creator in this shared space, holding myself and other content creators accountable.

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