Hey Naturals, Learn How To Improve Mental Health Without Medication.

  Every single human has a moment in their life when they have to ask, how can they improve mental health naturally. I know I have, mental health has become pretty popular over the years, people are more open about their anxiety, their battles with depression, learning how to manage stress and even seeking therapy for deeper issues. Here at Go Natural, I want to take it a step further and not only share self care mental health tips, but I want to make sure they are natural ideas. These are just tips and in no way a guaranteed solution, and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. They're just tips and ideas on how to improve mental health without medication. 

  I personally have battled with anxiety and depression for years, and wanted to create videos sharing some natural ways to improve mental health from my point of view. So Checkout the playlist above or the articles down below. This is some of our best content on the subject.

  It took me far too long to realize I wasn't broken, my mind going miles a minute wasn't "me not trusting God", or me becoming extremely sad to the point moving was a chore. This feeling actually had a name and it was called, anxiety and depression. Once I put a name to it, I was able to work on managing it, I saw that medications, therapy, and emotional support animals, were pretty popular but at the time I didn't have the resources or a clue on how to get access to those things. 

  That's around the same time I discovered essential oils and I realized it was so many oils that had stress reliving properties and natural mood boosters. I felt a sense of hope. Anyways, if you want to learn some of those ways I learned how to improve mental health without medication, check out the youtube playlist or the articles on this page.