New Entrepreneurs, This Is Your Sign To Shift Your Business Mindset For 2023

January 3


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Dear New Entrepreneur,

I'm writing to you today to remind you that 2023 can be your year. You just have to get focused, create a plan, avoid asking a bunch of people what you should do because you already know what to do, and then put some action behind all those amazing ideas. This is your sign to get to work.


I run a Go Natural business, and for years I have treated it like a hobby. But I know that what I have to offer is going to change the world, just like you know what you have to offer will also change the world.   

What I have Decided

I'm basically restructuring my mindset, and I'm determined this year to stay focused and I encourage you to do the same.

One thing I'm learning is, when you transition from an employee mindset to a business mindset, it's really hard to hold yourself accountable in your business. For a while you'll be on top of everything, completing deadlines doing what needs to be done and then all of a sudden you fall off.

You start getting unfocused, or getting overwhelmed, or simply unmotivated. So I want to encourage you to prepare for those times before they come. Because one thing I've learned over the years of being inconsistent is that it will come.

How To Stay Motivated

Use this time while you're motivated to prepare! Trying to prepare once you're overwhelmed and ready to throw the laptop out the window is definitely not the time to do it. 

Get a list and prepare some ideas of what you'll do when you start to drift or get overwhelmed. For instance, the other day I was editing a video and I got so frustrated when the computer shutdown, but since I had already planned to walk away and comeback, I knew just what to do. I walked away, went to go clean the restroom and let my frustrations out in scrubbing the tub, went to sleep, and came back to it the next morning. I finished the task I was working on and was able to handle it gracefully.

So if you're new to business you're going to hear people tell you not to treat your business like a job but I'm encouraging you in the beginning until you get a schedule and a flow, treat it like a job so it can hold you accountable. At your job you have a schedule, you clock in, you have deadlines, you don't lounge around while you're working and you don't neglect your duties.

Carry that same energy into your business, because no matter how much you complain about that job, or how frustrated they make you, you are still going into work when you are scheduled, you still do your job and then you clock out and vent to your friends about it.

Keep That Same Energy

I was talking to my mentor the other day and she reminded me that sometimes it's very easy to treat our businesses like hobbies in the beginning. And when you don't treat it like a job, especially online business you find yourself scrolling social media for hours at a time when you're supposed to be posting about your business, or writing a Blog, or creating content or communicating with your customers. You have specific tasks that you should be doing every day for your business just like you would do when you go into work. But how often do we get distracted, and things never get done.

nina pop williams holding a cup that says go natural

You can't pray for sales and pray for your business to be successful if you don't plan on actually working your business. When you're at a job you have to work a certain amount of hours in order to get paid time off, so don't think you can come into this business world, not work to build those hours and still get paid. Creating content takes work, Studying your Market takes time.

When you work at a job they already have their customers and they already have their marketing team working behind the scenes. But when you're running your business you are the person wearing all the hats. So it's going to take some work but I encourage you to put in that work so you can get to the next step and enjoy the freedom.

You have that desire to grow your successful business not by chance but by purpose. But that doesn't mean it's going to come easy. It will take work, sacrifice, investments, time, practice and energy. But it will be worth it in the end because your business is going to change lives. Not just your family lives but also your customer lives. We need more genuine people running natural businesses. So go out there, put in the work and build that business that you were destined to build. 

Unknown Business Affirmation

Your Business Affirmation For Today

I will transform obstacles into opportunities with grace and creativity

Written With Love,

Nina Pop Williams

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