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June 28


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The DIY Blues

  Have you ever just not been in the mood to make natural cleaning products? If you're anything like me, I am sure you love making your own products for the home, but sometimes you're just too tired. I personally work two jobs, I'm building a business, and I'm a newly wed, so sometimes I just need to order products from a reliable natural company. Problem is, I never want to compromise my health goals and it's a lot of fake green label, all natural products out there. So I needed something that worked, but was also safe and economical. So I want to share with you an easily accessible natural cleaning product company that I found online. 

Black Owned Natural Cleaning Products

  Sometimes the social media algorithm doesn't disappoint me, and this was one of those times. Thanks to Instagram, I found a handmade natural cleaning brand that won't break the bank, and you can order right online.

  It’s by a company called Pur Home, and you can find natural cleaning products for your entire home on their website right here. Convenient, right?

  I tried the Pur Home brand, back in December and I definitely will be a returning customer. My favorite product out of the two I purchased, is the All Purpose Cleaner. I purchased the lemon and lavender scented Multi-Purpose cleaner and the lavender bathroom cleaner. The natural bathroom cleaner was a light scent, it was not overwhelming, and worked well with picking up dirt and whatever else was on the surfaces. 

  The Multi-Purpose cleaner, I use mainly in the kitchen area, to clean the microwave, counters, and to lift annoying stains off surfaces. It has a light essential oil scent, nothing too strong. 

  She has products that are concentrated and sometimes for our convenience she'll have options that are already mixed. If you aren't sure what concentrated products are, they're the ones that you dilute yourself. 

Money Saving Product Benefit

  I love concentrated products because as we know most cleaning products already come diluted with the first ingredient usually being water, but when you pay for a concentrated bottle of cleaning solution you add the water yourself. So one bottle could end up being like 10 bottles of solution for the price of one. 

  I was introduced to my first set of concentrated household cleaning products when I purchased my Melaleuca membership. Their concentrated products saved me a ton of money at the start of my natural journey and I still have a few of their products now and it's been 2 years since I cancelled my membership. 

  After the first year or so I realized I was one person who was barely home, so I didn't need that much stuff every month, so I cancelled, plus the pandemic had hit and money was tighter than usual. I was sad, but I had hope that I would find a new company. So I was on the lookout for something with good quality just with less of the commitment. So you can imagine my excitement, when I saw that Pur Home offered concentrated options, was natural, handmade, and you could put a face to the brand. This is a great option that Pur Home is providing for their customers, I really appreciate them for it. 

  Not sure if it’s a lot of Pur Home reviews out there but I wanted to share my two cents on the Pur Home cleaning products.

  I had been following their Instagram for a while and was very interested in trying a few products, especially the natural bathroom cleaner and all purpose cleaner, and I was so happy when it arrived. I didn't order the concentrated bottles this round, however, I ordered the already mixed options just to see if I would like it.

  It was a decent size bottle and I didn’t need much for the product to work. A little went a long way. The packaging was on brand and the bottle was sturdy not like a typical weak cleaning bottle that break or bend after a few uses. I appreciated this because I have no problem re-purposing bottles. 

  The only suggestion I have is to order early because it does take time for the product to get to you. I think that’s mainly because she makes products by hand. 

  Overall, I love the customer service and quality of the products. Definitely will be trying other products from this company in the future. 

Here's a link to a youtube short, of me testing out the product

The Secret To Any Natural Household Cleaner

  As I stated in my "How to Clean Without Harsh Chemicals" Article, you really only need a few items for most of the DIY household cleaners, especially bathroom cleaners. If ordering cleaning products online isn't something you can do right now, easily accessible natural cleaning products for the bathroom and kitchen consist of:

1. Baking Soda

2. White Vinegar 

3. Essential Oils

  Besides the essential oils, you can easily get this stuff from a dollar tree, or just about any grocery store that's convenient. When money was short and all I had was a few dollars and some essential oils at the house, I learned how easily most surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected with these simple ingredients.

In Conclusion

  Honestly, the most accessible natural cleaning products are the ones you either make yourself with ingredients you already have around your home, or you order from a natural cleaning product company like Pur Home. 

  You want to look for products with less ingredients as possible. I try to avoid the products that use synthetic fragrances and choose the brands that use essential oils instead. If you have any questions that wasn't answered in this blog please send me a message and I will do my best to answer them.

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