This Is Not Your Typical Map

Everyone's Natural Journey Looks Different This Is Just A Guide

Which Type Of Natural Are You Striving To Become?

Use Less Toxic Ingredients 

Growing Your Own Food

Natural Hair

Natural  Products 

Natural Food

Do You Plan On Buying Your Products Or Making Them?

These are some of the questions I find helpful to ask. Plus I had to be honest with myself, I realized very early on I didn't want to make my own products because I enjoy supporting other growing businesses.

Give Yourself Time To Reach Your Goals

Create clear goals that you're actually able to achieve. But also, give yourself room to make mistakes, mess up and learn from those errors. This is crucial to your health goals. 

If you purchase a digital product try using code TWENTY23 it might get you a discount, don't forget these are downloadables so they can't be refunded and should only be shared with the purchasing party.